We Engineer Peak Performance Through
Organization Development and Training

Organizations do not perform at their peak because of process problems or people problems. Both can negatively affect the organization’s competitive edge and bottom line. The Strategic Learning Systems is prepared to assist your organization with its people problems.

We have been in business since 1993,We Help You Succed! offering a variety of corporate training experiences that will improve your employees ability to effectively work with, manage and lead other employees and customers.

We stand ready with Needs Assessment Surveys to provide smart solutions to hiring, retention, job fit and coaching.

We will help your organization break through the roadblocks that constrain peak performance.

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Performance & Productivity Improvement

Strategic Learning Systems is dedicated to assisting organizations attain peak performance in the workplace. We accomplish this through assisting your organization in smart hiring and retention as well as coaching and guidance utilizing customized learning experiences so that employees can break the through the personal and social barriers that impede peak performance.

SLS partners with our clients, identifying areas of performance improvement that go beyond assessment and advice. We target the core competencies that result in skill, knowledge, and attitude development.

SLS participates in implementing performance improvement technology for the benefit of our clients.

We customize the curriculum to reflect realistic on-the-job situations and personal situations. We use role-playing, simulations, case study methods and experiential learning exercises to fully develop the learning experience.

At SLS we draw on over 20 years in Leadership Training experience from each of our consultants. This allows us to create a solid understanding of the human learning process and to generate measurable performance improvement through our seminars, courses and special curricula.

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