Special Learning Experiences

SLS offers a series of seminars, each designed to provide a meaningful learning experience to the participants. All seminars are available in English or Spanish and are available at offsite career centers if desired.

Adult Seminars & Workshops
Youth Seminars & Workshops
Job Skills
Fast Track Series
Human Resources Skills

These are lively, fun-filled and interactive “how to” sessions with an easy-to-learn presentation format. We have taken a number of different subject areas and divided them into two major classifications: Adult Seminars and Seminars for Youth.

SLS also offer a Fast Track Seminar Series ™ that is designed for implementation of long-term behavioral changes. This series of seminars are 2-hour sessions held once a week for four weeks.

There is even a special group of learning experiences designed with very specific Job Training Skills in mind.

Plus, for the Human Resources Professional we offer a series of seminars direted to your special needs.

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