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Customer Service In The 21st Century workshop is custom-designed to improve internal and external customer interactions on an individual and/or group basis. Before utilizing leading-edge proven, practical tools of successful customer service providers, this workshop will examine existing values and attitudes about customer service. This workshop focuses on building long-term relationships through a nurturing process.

The workshop curriculum is based on consultation and discussion with the client on organizational issues and concerns, as well as the organization's commitment to service quality.

Training can be targeted for a team or group of customer service providers or a one-on-one coaching program. The client and the trainer/coach can determine the focus of individual sessions to facilitate a "Just-In-Time" approach.


  • To provide proven, practical internal and external customer service tools to participants.
  • To create paradigm shifts that dispel outmoded mental models of providing customer service and building long-term relationships.
  • To strengthen each participant's commitment to organizational goals and objectives, as well as, their company's customer service vision. To demonstrate how the individual's customer service style can positively impact these objectives, through improvement in customer retention, repeat business and customer referrals.
  • To create an environment conducive to learning and application of the customer service tools and techniques provided.
  • To positively impact the behavior of each participant, so that each customer contact experience provides a "moment of magic" to the customer and creates an attitude that seeks to "dazzle" the customer(s).
  • To provide tools that diminish considerably the negative stress associated with dealing with difficult people and irate customers on a continuous basis.
  • To create a customer-driven focus, on the part of participants, that's necessary to create consistently excellent experiences for customers of their company.
  • To get across the point that the key to providing exceptional customer service, is in how we treat ourselves and each other.
  • A thorough upfront analysis, including a needs analysis, is performed prior to curriculum design, development and customization.
  • An analysis is done on the customer service strategy/vision of the participant's organization.
  • Participants gain understanding of why it is extremely important, to give quality customer service as the customer defines it for their organization.
  • Participants delve into their old mental models and value system for a keener understanding of their present customer service style.
  • Participants' views about effective first impressions are examined, and the importance of this is stressed throughout the customer service program.
  • Participants gain an understanding of the importance of constant listening, during each customer contact experience.
  • Participants learn techniques to effectively handle customer requests, complaints and suggestions.
  • Participants gain understanding of the different personality types of internal and external customers and how best to approach them.
  • Participants learn how to communicate more effectively with customers both visually and verbally.
  • Participants gain an understanding of customer needs and the value of the nurture process.
  • Participants learn techniques on how to stay upbeat and positive throughout a difficult workday.
  • Participants gain a deeper understanding of why the success of the organization rests on the quality of customer service provided to its customers.
  • If requested by client's company, participants learn how to communicate effectively on the telephone and how to write faxes and E-mail that get positive responses from their customers.
  • Participants understand even more so, the value of internal customer service and its effect on the ultimate paying customers.
  • Participants learn techniques of how to carry out their organization's customer service vision.
  • SLS will develop a program that involves the management in monitoring behaviors and reinforcing the positive behavior displayed by customer service course participants in their own departments.

NOTE: This workshop can be a full day workshop or a half day workshop. For a half day workshop the modules are streamlined to deal with priority items only.

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