Teamwork & Team Building

The Dynamics of Real Success

The Teamwork & Team Building Course is designed to assist participants to understand the concept and application of teamwork and to recognize the strengths and areas for improvement of the work team. The course is also designed to improve team communication, engender mutual respect and build synergism in inter- and intradepartmental work groups.

Dynamics of Teamwork And Team Building modules include:

  • The Dynamics of Teamwork
  • Dealing with Different Personality Types
  • Checking out our Perceptions & Communicating more Effectively
  • Valuing the cultural differences of team members


  • Benefits of an Improved Team Environment:
  • Improved communications between team members
  • An increased awareness of the importance of a cultural perspective in a multicultural team environment
  • Increased mutual respect for each other
  • Team members gain respect for each other's differences
  • Team members lay a stronger foundation for teamwork
  • Work becomes more interesting and varied
  • Greater work team productivity
  • Better alignment with the client's business goals

(A One-on-one Sensitivity Training Course)

The Respect, Dignity & Courtesy Program is designed to provide the participant with more effective ways of dealing with harassing, inappropriate and sensitive issues in the workplace. At the end of this course the participant will:

  • Understand the company policy on Anti-harassment, Electronic (IT) and EEO
  • Be aware of the verbal, nonverbal and physical types of harassment
  • Understand the role perception plays in determining harassing behavior
  • Be able to determine what constitutes a hostile, intimidating and abusive work environment
  • Be knowledgeable on the myths and stereotypes about what constitutes harassment/inappropriate behavior
  • Know his interpersonal style and how it impacts on the work team
  • Understand how ineffective use e-mail and the Internet can create problems for the individual and the company
  • Barriers to communication: Discussion about inappropriate Gender oriented cartoons & jokes (hardcopy or electronic), innuendoes, dress, gender and other issues
  • Be aware of the problems that at-work-relationships can create for the individuals involved and the company
  • Know what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable behavior in the workplace
  • Be aware of personal and organizational liability


  • Creates a more respectful workplace environment
  • Helps uncover personal blind spots toward what constitutes harassment and a hostile environment
  • An experiential exploration of perception and how these attitudes affect our interactions with others
  • Participants learn how to communicate more effectively in a diverse workplace and become aware of how their communication is being received.
  • Opens the door to improving teamwork, through being sensitive to others

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