Gender Harassment In The Workplace

This course can be custom designed to meet the needs of the organization and participants. The focus and areas of emphasis will be determined from consultation and discussion with the client.

DESCRIPTION: The Gender Harassment course for employees is designed to provide participants with ways of dealing with Gender harassment in the work environment and the knowledge of the correct reporting venues if Gender harassment is suspected. The Gender Harassment course for managers/supervisors is designed to provide management with ways to prevent Gender harassment from occurring and from reoccurring once it is happening. Managers and supervisors are also giving to tools to deal with harassment complaints and ways to document harassment allegations.

For Managers/Supervisors, issues to be addressed include:

* Interpretation and application of applicable laws.
* How to avoid mistakes with dealing with Gender Harassment situations.
* Methods for dealing with an alleged recipient of Gender harassment.
* How to manage Gender Harassment investigations.
* Distinguishing between subtle vs. blatant behaviors.
* Practice managing Gender Harassment situations.
* Human Resources role
* Understanding company policy

For Non-Supervisory employees, issues to be addressed include:

* Definitions of Gender Harassment.
* Identification of less blatant forms of Gender Harassment.
* Dialogue to use when resolving situations.
* The verbal, nonverbal and physical types of Gender Harassment.
* Case studies
* The role of perception
* Understanding company policy

TRAINING TOOLS: Some or all of the following may be used: Assessment worksheets; handouts; practice in dyads; small and whole groups discussions; and video training film.

LENGTH OF TRAINING: Recommended 4 hours per session. Maximum of 30 participants per session.

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