Telephone Techniques & Etiguette

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Successful Telephone Techniques & Telephone Etiquette workshops are custom-designed to teach team members how to communicate more effectively on the telephone, even while dealing with discourteous callers and frustrating situations. Also, we delve into the common courtesies that exist in all successful telephone communications.


  • Understanding the elements of a successful call.
  • How to communicate more effectively on the telephone when placing, receiving and ending a call.
  • How to more effectively take notes, messages and instructions.
  • How to take control and guide the conversation.
  • Understanding and using common phone courtesy.
  • How to deal with frustrating situations and discourteous callers.
  • How to utilize alternative phrases that win friends.
  • Practicing successful telephone techniques and telephone etiquette.
  • How to deal with interruptions and distractions.
  • Overcoming the challenges of telephone communication.
  • How to focus in spite of what's occurring around you.
  • How to get callers to come to the point fast.
  • Understanding the critical role listening plays.
  • Understanding effective probing.

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