ISO 9000-2000 Pre-Certification Course

International Quality Management

The ISO 9000-2000 Pre-certification Program is an extensive program that prepares a client company to become certified by an approved Registrar. Strategic Learning Systems begins with a Management Overview of ISO 9000-2000, followed by rollouts to the employees and involvement of management in setting the vision for ISO 9000, developing a mission statement, a code of ethics and key results expected. SLS uses a total quality approach in conjunction with ISO 9000-2000, utilizing process improvement teams, as well as, key department personnel to help document existing procedures in each area to be certified by the registrar company. SLS assists in the development of required ISO 9000-2000 quality documentation and trains the in-house pre-audit teams. Finally, SLS helps in the selection process of approved Registrars. Following is a high level overview of our ISO9000-2000 Pre-certification Program:

  • Management Overview
  • Management's approval to move forward with pre-certification program
  • Employee Rollout
  • Establishment of a Continuous Improvement Team
  • Identifying and documenting the Quality Manual
  • Identifying and documenting the Procedures Manual (Including flow diagrams)
  • Identifying and documenting the Work Instructions (Including flow diagrams)
  • Identifying and selecting three (3) Registrar Companies
  • Establishing a Management Oversight Committee
  • Reporting to the Management Oversight Committee on at least a bimonthly basis
  • Providing feedback to the continuous improvement team from the Management
  • Oversight Committee
  • Facilitating the ISO 9000-2000 Internal Auditor Training
  • Conducting a Pre-audit in preparation for the selected registrar
  • Assisting with the post audit findings and identifying and making discrepancy corrections
  • Assist in the celebration process


  • Develops, establishes and maintains a quality management system governed by a set of international standards
  • Assures that all employees are given the responsibility and authority to identify problems, implement solutions for those problems and to control for processing of affected product
  • Assures that all products and services and equipment will meet or exceed requirements specified by the customer
  • Establishes a quality process that includes preventing shipment of non-conforming, deficient or unsatisfactory materials or products, until corrective action has been taken
  • Facilitates during business internationally
  • Positions a company to increase market share
  • Builds long-term customer relations
  • Develops, establishes and maintains a continuous improvement process. Everyone participates (employees and managers), there are no "bench warmers"
  • Improves customer service and customer retention

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